A forgotten Warehouse is often a domain for the urban misfit. Especially graffiti artists know how to adopt such abandoned structures as places of consequence, contradicting the rigid, functionless monumentality with brightly colored written images. Luetzelschwab assimilates this contradiction in his working process. He actively shapes the space with his spray can, takes a picture of a bigger image detail so that his own creation loses itself in the anonymity of the Urban Artler. The taken picture only appears to be passive, because there is a real highly emotional connection to the location. Luetzelschwab then transfers the photograph via silk-screen printing on canvas, to then elaborate it with paint. It will be added and veiled, revised and alienated, shifted and blurred. The intention of capturing the world in images is the foundation of all works. Put at the center is the debate about the truthfulness of a media reflected reality. Is a photograph true because of its documentary character? Is every detail real? The answer is yes and no.

Publisher / Copyright : Galerie Gerken



2002 Stadtbibliothek Weil am Rhein (D) | Museum am Lindenplatz Weil am Rhein (D)

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2018 art Karlsruhe (Galerie Stahlberger) | Galerie Elitzer (D) | Galerie Stapflehus

2019 art Karlsruhe (Galerie artroom / Galerie Stahlberger / Sonderschau Druckgrafik)